wood baked bread
house cultured garlic butter $ 6

wood fired oysters
brown butter, parmigiano, pickled parsley $13

brussels sprouts
fried, rice crispies, parmigiano, hot honey $9

parlor pocket
soft boiled egg, ricotta, truffle $8


italian radicchio
charred, smoked cranberry marmalade, chili oil, pecorino $11

shaved broccoli
crimini mushrooms, red onion, cricket creek cow feta, pickled garlic vinaigrette $8

a caesar salad
romaine, tater tot croutons, creamy anchovy dressing $13


cacio e pepe
pecorino fondue, black pepper, basil $17

smoked scamorza, garlic, chili, basil $16

mozzarella, pomodoro, basil, olive oil $15

maitaki shrooms, caramelized onion, besciamella, caciotta al tartufo $18

pomodoro, ricotta, basil $17

the “everything bagel”
mozzarella, pamigiano, egg sauce, that everything bagel spice $16

eggplant parm
pomodoro, ricotta, basil $17

pomodoro, chili, fresh oregano, aged goat cheese $17


that griddle burger
aged cheddar, pickles, happy sauce $15

fried chicken
legs & thighs, calabrian chili ranch $19

hen of the wood mushrooms
wood roasted, parsely cream, brown butter, capers $18

wood roasted trout
brown butter, lemon, dill $21


pizza ice cream sandwich
whole ice cream sandwich built table side, parties of 4 or greater $30

dough cone
janes vanilla ice cream, nutella crunch, caramel popcorn, chocolate sauce $9

half baked “brookie”
vanilla ice cream $9

butter fried waffle
cinnamon sugar nutella, vanilla ice cream $8

apple pie pizza
marinated granny smith apples, janes vanilla ice cream, house made caramel $15

soft serv du jour
ask about me $9

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