Small Plates

Small Plates

wood baked bread & cultured garlic butter  |  6

chicken & waffles  |  12

fried, maple syrup, blueberry, basil

brussels sprouts  |  9

fried, rice crispies, parmigiano, chili honey

parlor pocket  |  8

soft boiled egg, ricotta, truffle

hen of the wood mushroom |  13

wood roasted, dill cream, brown butter, capers

italian radicchio |  11

charred, smoked kumquat marmalade, chili oil, aged goat cheese

shaved broccoli salad |  8

crimimi mushrooms, red onion, cricket creek cow feta, pickled garlic vinaigrette

ash baked sweet potato |  13

mint & maple syrup cream, black olive crunch

everything caeser |  13

romaine, tater tot croutons, creamy anchovie dressing