brussels sprouts
rice crispies, chili honey, parm $12

salt baked sweet potato
mint cream, maple chili pistachios, pumpkin seeds $15

everything caesar
tater to croutons, parm, creamy dressing $15

parlor pocket
2 soft boiled eggs, whipped ricotta, truffle, thyme $13



queen margherita
mozzarella, basil, olive oil, parm $16

salzone pizza salad bowl
tomatoe, green leaf, trevisano, parm $16

roni roni roni
pepperoni, mozzarella, basil, parm $19

the nonna
shallots, roasted garlic, chili oil, oregano $17

the holy cheesus
scamorza, mozzarella, ricotta, pare, chili honey, parm $17

the “everything bagel”
mozzarella, everything bagel spice, egg sauce, parm $19

the lemonator
cured lemon, smoked provolone, garlic, chili, basil, parm $18


chicken fried eggplant
crispy eggplant cutlet, butternut squash, vegan yogurt $19

that griddle burger
aged cheddar, pickles, happy sauce $15

parlor BLT
sourdough, smoked bacon, egg sauce, crisp potato, tomato, special ketchup $16

fried chicken sandwich
Neapolitan bun, chili maple, lettuce, pickle, aioli $19

griddle burger
aged cheddar, lettuce, happy sauce, pickles $16

wood fired oysters
cabbage and seafood cream, brown butter $24


smash fries
double cooked potato, beef fat, herbs & salt $6

house tots
those things everyone loves, just housemade $6

side salad
it’s great with pizza, market greens, red wine vin $6

pizza fries
sip them in pecorino fondue and mushroom pomodoro, part and chives $9